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Mon, Aug. 2nd, 2004, 02:04 pm
kenthesellout: (no subject)

okay ive been in here a while and noticed that many of you listen to great music.
therefore you should join the community all_star_indie.
it has a lot of cool people that listen to cool music.
and its a great source for new music.

Fri, Jul. 9th, 2004, 08:10 pm
xloveinvainx: whoring

join musical_mangle today.

Thu, Apr. 15th, 2004, 11:19 am
xxz: emo mix tape

my friend tony made a mixed tpe for me in 2002, he called it "emo" it's pretty good except the fact that i dont really listen to the bands on here much. but here are the songs on it:

1. no motiv ------------ only you (3:35)
2. ------------ stay (3:12)
3. ------------ the waiting hurt (3:13)
4. ------------ robot eyes (4:34)
5. finch --------------- letters to you (3:21)
6. --------------- ender (13:30)
7. --------------- what it is to burn (4:31)
8. something corporate - i want to save you (4:24)
9. the starting line --- leaving (3:32)
10. - saddest girl story (3:25)
11. - three's a charm (4:16)
12. - greg's last day (2:44)
13. - nothing's gonna stop us now (3:34)
14. oneline drawing ---- 14 to 41 (3:13)
15. - smile (3:26)
16. open hand ---------- thought process (2:49)
17. the get up kids ---- wish you were here (3:33)
18. fair weather ------- welcome to last year (2:52)

Sat, Mar. 27th, 2004, 12:20 pm
hasnouse: Whoa, been a while and my community is still alive.

I am glad I came to visit. Somehow its simple look changed horrbly. Who messed here? hmm..I'll fix this.

Sat, Mar. 6th, 2004, 11:02 am
thrunq: Attention All you Bitches:


We are in need of some new, fresh blood so get in and apply to the collective.
We seek users with tastes amongst diverse music, but without the hipper-than-thou bullshit that often comes with it.
We are without bullshit or drama, the point of discussion is music, the new, the good, the weird and all that shit in between.

So, bring your collection to the plate, and let this love flourish.

Fri, Feb. 6th, 2004, 04:26 pm
ex_diematro: As Many Replies as possible

I need many ideas for a V-day mixtape.
What are your favorite punk or indie love/anti-love songs? Or your favorite super-cheesy love songs?


Mon, Jan. 19th, 2004, 04:28 pm
xxz: (no subject)

well theres nothing in this world
that i would want to see
theres nowhere oh nowhere
that i would rather be
than here with you

Mon, Jan. 19th, 2004, 11:45 am
xxz: (no subject)

is it just me or does iron and wine remind you of a lumberjack?

Sun, Jan. 18th, 2004, 07:22 pm
xxz: (no subject)

amazon is great.

and so is beulah.

Thu, Dec. 25th, 2003, 03:06 am
kenthesellout: (no subject)

i see a spot for this song on my next mix tape.

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